I came to the UK from my native country Japan to study oil painting in 1981 when I was 26 years old. Because of the tradition of pottery making in Devon, I gradually became interested in becoming a potter - so my career as a ceramicist started. I have used white and red earthenware to make small sculptural forms like very colourful mermaid candlesticks and fish bowls, soda glazed stoneware for large scale garden sculpture and outdoor murals. I even used brick clay to create 3m high Human forms as a public commission.
As I passed the age of 50, my interest in pottery slowly became quieter. Maybe the Japanese side of my nature started appearing. So I decided to use porcelain clay. I was fascinated by its whiteness and translucent property. In 2009 I was fortunate to have help from Art Council UK to develop a porcelain blue glaze. Since then I have made hundreds of glaze tests.
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