The iconic Bees Collection

The iconic Bees Collection. Handmade by Taja
The iconic Bees Collection. Handmade by Taja
Each handmade piece of porcelain in the Bees Collection features Taja's iconic bee design on a pale blue background. He can personalize any pots you order at no extra cost for special occasions such as birthdays and weddings. If you like the idea, please ask when you place an order.

How to order

Click on the item you want to buy.

Add it to your Wish List. When you're ready, send it to Taja by clicking the 'Pay by invoice' button.

If the items are in stock, we’ll email you with the price (including postage and packing).

Payment will be arranged directly with Taja (we don’t take payments via our website).

If the items are out of stock, Taja can make them for you – usually within 4 weeks.

Delivery is via courier.
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